Quality-Made HVAC Products From Trusted Brands


"Saufferer Associates is a manufacturers representative agency serving the plumbing, heating, and water systems wholesale trade in the Midwest. We maintain headquarters in Lakeville, MN. We actively partner with our accounts to promote our manufacturers and we offer ongoing training for both our customers and the trade."

We proudly represent the following brands:
Radiant Floor Heat, Snowmelt, PEX, Pre- Insulated PEX, High-Velocity Cooling www.comfortprosystems.com
Professional HVAC Tools & Service Equipment www.cpsproducts.com
PTAC, VTAC, Unitary, Mini-Splits, Water Heaters, Disposers www.geappIiancesairandwater.com
Quality Sheet Metal Products www.hc-products.com
Gas Fired Infrared Radiant Heating Systems www.infrasave.com
Commercial and Residential Variable Water Volume AC and Heating systems www.muItiaqua.com
Flak Jakcet arc-resistant csst, yellow and underground www.profIexcsst.com
Static Plate Energy Recovery Ventilators www.renewaire.com
Infrared Radiant Luminous Heaters www.schwankgroup.com
Fully Sealed Pipe and Fitting System www.hc-products.com